Artist's Statement


Rebecca Weisman’s experimental multi-media practice uses video, sound, performance, and installation grounded firmly in discourses of critical theory to create rigorously conceptual as well as viscerally pleasurable experiences that call into question issues of subjectivity, the body, language, systems of power, and environment(s). Her work examines subconscious and psychological spaces in order to challenge notions about the stability of personal identity, “Nature”, and time, often asking the viewer to travel on a journey where the need for literal meaning is temporarily suspended and the internal logic of the self or site is allowed to emerge from hiding. Through putting text and electronics in an environment her work examines how that environment is altered or mediated by these representative technologies, and how meaning is created or dismantled. Weisman lives and works in Vermont, a site that offers a fluid context in which to investigate boundaries—between self, nature, and others-- and how technology renders these boundaries permeable and transgressible.